Rubber Bands

Why do I have to wear rubber bands?

Dr. Graf has prescribed elastics to be worn as part of your orthodontic treatment. Elastics are a very important part of your treatment plan if you would like to have your braces removed on schedule. Elastics move teeth in ways Dr. Graf is not able to do with different archwires. Without proper elastic wear, it is unlikely we will obtain the result that everyone wants!

I can’t remember which teeth they go on!

At your appointment, our staff demonstrated hooking up the elastics.  You should have also received an illustration sheet diagramming our instructions.   If you have any uncertainty, please call our office immediately. Do not wait until your next appointment to find out that the elastics may have been moving teeth in the wrong direction!

When do I wear them?

Rubber bands can be worn when eating, although they may make your jaws sore. If you take them out before eating, be sure and replace them right away after your meals. Elastics need to be changed approximately 3-4 times each day. This is because they lose their stretch as they are left in your mouth during the day. A good idea is to change your elastics at each meal.

Continuous wear is a must! “Off and on wear” is the same as not wearing them at all. Remember to always have an extra pack with you at school, work, etc. If you run out of elastics, call our office right away. We will be glad to tape a pack to our front door or drop a pack in the mail. Waiting until your next appointment will significantly delay treatment.

You have been given a specific type of rubber band to use. Do not use any other type of rubber bands unless otherwise instructed. Also, do not “double up” the rubber bands unless instructed. This will not accelerate your treatment.

Many times when our patients have worn their elastics as requested, their treatment time has been significantly reduced. Help us achieve our number one goal, which is to give you the best smile possible!

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